A visit to the mysterious Cave

A visit to the mysterious Cave

I went to the cave. It was dark. as I went deeper and deeper.I was frozen in terror a shiver ran down my spine. Bats swarmed over my head. After that I was shocked as I saw a pack of Alburtosaurus a type of dino.

I ran and ran to the other side of the cave. I was shocked the dinosaurus are alive!

The alburtosaurus followed my tracks. I ran and ran to a heard of pachirhinosaurus.

I met a cave man he was friendly.

We had a conversation. I was surprised to find out that I was back in time, in a world of dinosaurus.

I was shocked to findout that I was in another world

I solved the problem of time. I was dizzy, with deligt. On a mountain I jumped. I was over the moon I jumped in happinese back to the present In in a Dream of a Sunday morning.

Nethmira Wanniarachchi.

Grade 5

Wycherley International School. GAMPAHA

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