Milk chocolate tart with Fruit pearls


Tart (You can get it from any food store)

Milk chocolate custard

1.5 gm Gelatine sheet

20gm Whole milk

20 gm Fresh Cream

02 gm Liquid glucose (Glucose syrup)

80 gm Milk Chocolate

80gm Double (Heavy) Cream


* Soak the gelatine in cold water and drain soon after soft.

* Boil milk, cream & glucose.

* Take the boiled mixture from the stove and add soft Gelatine.

* Pour over chocolate & whisk until smooth.

* Add cold double cream using a hand blender well.

* Pass through a fine strainer.

* Pour into tarts and keep until use.


* Fresh fruits or fruit pearls in a chocolate cup or Brandy snap cup.


* Raspberry Jam, chocolate shards, mint, and cocoa powder. 



Ruwan (Ruvi) Mendis

Amazing Desserts.

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